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May 21, 2008



Well argued, my friend.


Nice to have you back C. This will not be a popular with our gay brethren.

Blog more...same thing goes for Rocco.


I actually think there are a lot of gay bretheren that think the same way I do...I know a lot of people that think Obama is a lot of fluff with no substance. Unfortunately, when it comes to the general election - unless McCain totally blows it, dies or completely backs away from the McCain that was introduced to the American public as a Bush alternative --- he's going to clean Obama's clock.

Obama should have served a full first term in the senate. To not do so is a disgusting exersize of ego and shows to me that he can't be trusted to do service in the position to which he was originally elected. How people seem to gloss over that basic inability to commit completely baffles me.

Call me baffled in general.

Also, everyone that capital "H" - hates Hillary...I've asked a few people why...not a single person can articulate a substantial reason.

We're facing major sexism in our society and no one is saying anything...


Its not sexism Corey...she is just not very likeable. I know she is a smart, capable and all that but she gives off no warm and fuzzys..she is not they type of person you would want to have a beer with.


That just proves my point...


Obama will have more years in political office (11 vs 8) and will be a year older (47 vs 46) than Bill Clinton had when he was in office. So based upon your logic, Bill Clinton should never have been elected because he was so inexperienced, right?

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