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May 28, 2008


Pete Rivers

Let's make the point that when she was the raging favourite for the nomination we heard not a word about sexism. But when she feel behind, suddenly Geraldine Ferraro says Obama is only getting a run because he is black, Hillary turns on the waterworks and suddenly people are sexist. By WV, Clinton is saying that Obama can't close the deal with 'white workers'. Really, that claim alone is enough to vote against her. Why serious feminists would want to cuddle up to that kind of pandering is beyond me.

She was behind and does what all who know they are behind do -- she tried to nuke the game and polarise the base so that she could come back. Truthfully, Obama suffered much more slander than did Clinton. He was cast simultaneously a Muslim and a Christian Garveyite and unpatriotic and a terrorist fellow traveller.

The Clinton people need to accept that the game was played according to rules they agreed to and in circumstances they should have anticipated and stop whining about why they lost. The much more important battel is to prevent four more years of Bush policies.


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