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April 03, 2008



How can you support that shrew.

She has never supported gays in the military.

She is for big and intrusive goverment

She has never really supported our military

She never spoke out on behalf of the women that her husband assaulyed or Juamita Broderick who said that she was raped by him.

The laundry lists of scandals from her days in DC and Little Rock.

She worte a book of collectivistic nonsense called It Takes a Village...No Hillary it does not take a village to raise a child, it takes a mother and a father and a 20 year commitment.


Um...I don't care what Bill did - all that stuff is private in my mind.

I support the shrew because she can win. Whereas Obama will not win.


Holy Crap! You're blogging again!


I haven't read your new posts yet. I'm student teaching now and it's all I can do to not go insane with all the paperwork and responsibilities that go into teaching high school (yes, high school - I am crazy).


Funny how we can see things so differently, Obama has the potential to win a LANDSLIDE victory, Hillary has the barest chance of losing it by the skin of her teeth - with the energized far right wing showing up at polls to vote against her. She'll lose the election as easily as John Kerry did. The Republicans have been chomping at the bit for 8 years waiting and plotting to run against HIllary. That's why you see them trying to prop her up and beat down Obama. They've got their ammo ready, and fear she won't be the party's nominee.


McCain will trounce Obama - SO many moderate to conservative democrats have NO problem voting for McCain...he is closer to Hillary than Obama is AND while Hill may ignite the conservative repubs - those same uber conservatives are likely to stay home because they don't see a difference between McCain and Hillary. On the converse - Obama won't be able to reclaim enough of Hillary's true believers to eke out a win. He can't win if he doesn't win Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania - and there isn't a poll out there that gives him a good chance there.

Can't win the White House without the working class - too many homo elites ignore that.

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