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April 05, 2007


Joe Clark

In other words, Archie and Jughead buy their first home.

In such an “upscale" suburb, how will you find enough inferiors for Rocco to mock?


Congrats, dude! I looked at a (penthouse!) one-bedroom up in the Heights for about five minutes before I realized that I'm *not* quite ready to get out of the city yet. (I think you've been here longer than me.) I *am* starting to feel a bit closed in, though.


Congratulations on the new home, Corey. It sounds great. Commuting, in my experience, has always been a great time to read this week's comics, which actually frees up time for other things!

JSA has been great - and I'm hoping (ok, it's really just wishing...) that the appearance of classic LSH members in this title will have a cascade effect on the future LSH, and fix all the stuff that they've messed up in subsequent incarnations. I'm not sure if you're reading it or not, but the new JLA had a few interesting twists this week also (like their new headquarters).


Congratulations.... When is the apartment warming party?


Michael--I'm liking the new JLA more than the new JSA, but the inclusion of the superfriends headquarters is making me roll my eyes. The Marvel universe is taking these great strides toward greater dramatic and political sophistication -- while the DCU is taking great strides toward... the 70s cartoon versions of their characters.

And what's the deal with that space station? That thing could hold thousands of people -- why do they need all that space when, god knows, they'll never show us any sort of support staff?

Douglas Abelsohn

does "different" mean "gay"?

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