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February 20, 2007



Very cool.


I don't know. My Papa (grandfather in Italian) was an accountant on the mafia. It's not as glamorous as it sounds. BUT, if you do join the "club", I have a friend who wants to obtain a certain sword in the possession of one Mr. Linderman...

Joe Bua

I didn't get my email, uet.

They must send them out by time zone.


Have you actually gotten into the "Titan Club"? I keep playing but I suck at Gambling.


Just got into the titan club today. Via BlackJack. Easiest one to win at. Bet 50,000 (max) and if you ever have over 11 just stay. I did that.. and hit $700,000 thats when I got the Titan club invite. Viewed the "Archives".

The E-mail I received today:

Mr. Linderman has released additional artwork to his online archive.
But due to recent events, you will have to visit and play the Corinthian Casino's FREE games
to gain access to these new images. Thank you for your understanding, and we
hope you will visit us the next time you are in Las Vegas.


Is this blog ovah?

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