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February 15, 2007



Did ya get that THING I sent ya????

Joe Monastra

I haven't been reading as much DC as I used to as I haven't kept up with Day of Infinite Rath Thangar War Crisis but its been my opinion they've topped Marvel in every way. The only Marvel comic I was reading was New Excalibur because the old one was so much fun, but I just cancelled that after 14 issues because its just not any good.


I am sure you read it, and you may have written about it, but Alex Ross' JUSTICE is amazing...

Also, I love the blog that you have. I was wondering if you would link my blog to yours and in return I would do the same for your blog. If you want to, my site name is American Legends and the URL is:

If you want to do this just go to my blog and in one of the comments just write your blog name and the URL and I will add it to my site.


joe c

Hot guys ... DC Comics ... Buffy ... Heroes ... can I say this is the Best Blog Ever? ;)

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