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August 15, 2006



Wow, Truman got huge. Stop trying to be all scary butch and smile. Oliver did. email me your address (again) I've got more PX/NEX only Marvel Comics for you.


Truman is such a beautiful rottie... you are such a hot man...


"plus he's just so cute...I mean just look at him..."

oh my

shirtless pics of you...*SLURP*!!!!!!!!!!! Love the little bit of hair hot!


Nice nips hat.


I like Olie, but he's gotten too buff. You, on the other hand, are just perfect! You have more chest hair hair than expected - thought you'd be a smoothie. Like It XXXX....

Is this considered flirting????


And why werent you at Lazybear Mr. Martin?? Hmmm?


I thought that was you guys in Ptown! I was there at the same time. Such a small world. :)

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