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August 23, 2006



Hm. I was just considering whether to even go today... Didn't know Astonishing *and* JLA1 were today. :) Have a good trip!


I'm glad the 2 of you decided to give it another try!


BTW, agree with you on Legion (though I seem to keep *buying* it). There's a rumor that Levitz & Giffen are gonna go back. Maybe it's just fanwanking, but I think that would be fantastic. I'd love to see them just forget this whole pathetic relaunch and go back to the original continuity *and* format (sci-fi, politics, soap opera, superheroes--in *that* order).

Maybe they'll even corral Giffen's more recent partner in crime, JM DeMatteis, to do the dialogue -- Levitz's plots were very good -- and his character stuff was more sophisticated than most, if not all, other mainstream comics of the late 70s-late 80s period -- but that dialogue... finger down the throat time. :)

P.S., have fun down the shore.


I was looking at the cover (the left one) to Justice League #1. Who is that next to Black Canary? Is it Arsenal? Whats with the R on his belt?

Copman Jim

I didn't realize they were making Legion of Super heroes again. That was always one of my favorites.

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