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I'm a California native born in Garden Grove, California in Orange County - transported to New York City three years ago after living 8 years in San Francisco during the dot-com boom and bust where I gave a car to a midget on Sally Jesse Raphael while I was the spokesman for a company that no longer exists called, a job I got as a PR flack after graduating from San Francisco State University following a 2.5 year stint in the US Navy after dropping out of college at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA because I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska with 5 fraternity brothers and made too much money and lost all my financial aid.

I went to Pepperdine because I was a young republican in high school at Boise High in Boise Idaho until I decided to get liberal after experimentation Junior year in high school - but it was too late, I'd already made a commitment to go to the most expensive, most conservative school in the country.

So, today I'm living in New York City. I have a job I love, working for what is likely the most media-genic company of our time (okay, I'm biased - but there are few that compare) taking my days one at a time.

Okay, you might think I'm nerdy or might think I'm not the best homo because of my fetish for superheroes and some might tell you I have bad taste in movies, because of the movie choices I make, but if you do - bite me. Its only because I like being entertained. Even moreso, I like the idea of people saving the world in capes. That makes me smile.

I only dork out on comics if you ask a specific question about about the Legion, the X-Men or some other spandex clad super hero. Okay, or Buffy - I might dork out about Buffy. But that's it. Otherwise I'm pretty normal.

I'm raising a Boston Bull Terrier puppy, her name is Bug. Two of my best friends in NYC are Oliver and Craig. One of my dearest friends is James in San Francisco, there are more I'll write about in my blog - I have two nephews, Chase and Shane, my sister is doing a great job raising them in Arizona. My mom and dad are split, but both are remarried - my dad to Doreen, who I adore and my saintly mom to my dad's younger brother - my uncle Jack, who is a great guy. I love my friends, I love NY but I miss SF and I love my family.