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June 21, 2006



So Bart is the new Flash? Im confused.

I didnt intend on picking up that Eternals book (mostly because im not a fan of Romitas art) but im glad I did, it was actually pretty entertaining.


I skimmed Flash #1... Looks like the speed force is not dead yet. (It's getting better!) My quesiton is: what happened to *Barry Allen*?

Astonishing X-Men and Ultimates 2 #11 were both *outstanding*, and at least the artwork for Eternals looks fantastic (was never much of a JRJR fan back in the day, but the more sophisticated contemporary coloring processes really suit his style). Haven't had a chance to get to the others yet.


Bart, Donna, who's next? Bart is a natural to become the Flash - lots of stories to be told there. Of course, there's also the Jay Garrick clone that showed up in Outsiders last week. So far, I have to say that the story kept my attention, and I was kind of glad that the question hadn't been answered at the end of issue #1.

The Robin issue is sitting in my bag to read on the way home.


Dick Grayson is becoming a premier burger joint? :p

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