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March 21, 2006



TAYLOR HICKS ALL THE WAY! (no, seriously!)


I'd like to Pickler, if you know what I mean.


SOUL PATROL BABY! SOUL PATROL! (Throwing head back fast and violent, but with a psychotic grin!)


Manipulating the US public?
Feigned innocence?
A hush-hush history with drugs?
Total bitch in sheep's clothing?

Fuck Idol, this girl is Presidential material!


I knew something was up with her! She didn't even know what Simon meant by "Ballsy" last week on the elimination show! Oh how coy she is!

I'm torn between Mandisa, Taylor and Chris..ugghhh..I hate being addicted to reality shows..


Chirs is going to win it all and you all know it!!!!!!!!!!


This is ridiculous. I'm not so terribly invested in her that I want her to win and go on to make a record, but she isn't some con who is swindling America. That's untrue, in my gut feeling. Her mom left her when she was a little girl and her dad is in jail. Women with daddy issues tend to act out...and you heartless sons/daughters of bitches are just raking her over the coals with it. Meanwhile, fake ass Katharine gets all this praise for being plasticine and soulless.


Listen up:
first of all, her name is Katherine McPhee, not Katie retard!!
seconed, your such a little liar!! none of that stuff is true. if kellie was faking it then why did she make it this far? she NEVER did drugs and she has never had more than 1 boyfriend. Dont you ever say anything bad about my big sister again!


I am from Albemarle and I went to her high school and what is said is all true. She's completely fake and Albemarle is only praising her for more publicity.


I hate that bitch from the start. She still stays because people think she's pretty. Her singing ain't that good and she's not that pretty either.


She wouldn't lie.

kellie fan

ok wats wrong with u u have no life y dont u say something nice about one of the contestants u r a fan of instead of writing all this shyt about kellie


Is Kellie Pickler a virgin? I watched her on the view and she said she wont get naked in front of a guy until she's married. She also said she won't get naked front of a girl too.


This is not true at all. Kellie has gone thru enough in her life and ya'll needa stop posting all this crap 'bout her. Kellie is a sweet girl with a lot of talent end of story.


Wow seriously, only like 99.9% of teens have at least tried drugs so don't freak out about that.

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