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March 10, 2006



John McCain's been trying to get his name in the paper for years. He's been sucking up to Bush in order to get the lunatic fringe vote, and he's been selling out so much that he might as well conduct business on a street corner. I know you like him, but the only thing he's got going for him is the vestiges of his reputation as a straight-shooter. Plus, he is REALLY REALLY REALLY conservative. Not that he still wouldn't be hard to beat. I don't think Guliani or Hillary are serious contenders for anything.

Juan Penalosa

Hey! That wasn't very nice.


I'd be unhapppy with the way you've characterized me but I'm just so pleased to see you finally write something a little more interesting than everything else you've ever written. I'm not saying it's interesting, by the way, just more interesting than the rest.


Opie, we're in the same boat. I "LOVE" the game of politics, but find the stench and the repercussions of it all sometimes unbearable, regardless of the political party. Speaking of parties, It's like going to a frat party. You first walk in and find that some of the guys like politics, computers, comics, rugby, and music as much as you do. Yeah, you're sportin' intellectual wood, and maybe some other. And you think "Wow, this is soo cool. These guys are hot"! But after a couple of hours you step outside for some air and come back in to realize that:

A) God, this place stinks of dead beer, booze, vomit, and other nasty bodily gases, and,

B) you seem to be the only gay guy at the party and, even though they're cool with that, you can't talk to anyone on a serious level because, well, they're frat boys and don't do serious,

C) the straight guy you kinda had a crush on is either loudly banging some chick in the other room, was nice sober but is a fucking jerk when drunk, or,

D) you get to know him a lot more at the party and realize he is nothing but an uninteresting shallow spoiled brat after all, who thinks everyone, including you, are socially a step or two under him, and I don't mean under him in a good way.

Substitute the frat party with either political party, and the cute straight guy is a politician. Yep. That's politics in a nutshell!

PS. Think I managed to squeeze in some of the things you like into this post, though I didn't include mud football.


Nope, it won't be McCain. I think it will either be The Mayor G., or, believe it or not, a rehabilitated Newt.

On the Dem side, I'm trying to get my little bro, who is a fairly liberal Democrat, to flesh out a list of potentials. He's not fond of Hil, but I think his wife is.

Some R's want Jeb to run. I would give up wine and chocolate and start dating tall women if that would prevent that. On the one hand, if he and Hillary got the nod, that would be the most nastily barbaric political fun that the world has ever seen! But then, GOD, haven't we had enough of these two families for one century???

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