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February 15, 2005



All I can say is thank goodness I finally found another person who also writes bad grammar as I do because I refuse to believe it's bad grammar. For example, "Oliver and me", as opposed to the correct, "Oliver and I".

Now back to your subject...


call em as you seem em.
nothing wrong with that.


damn... can't correct comments...
"call em as you SEE em."


Does "Bad" mean "Bad"? Or does "Bad" mean "Good"? Is it good to be bad or bad to be.... OK., now I'm lost. What was I talking about again?


These self-indulgent freaks just dropped $21 million on some orange sheets hanging from poles. How high is the thread count, for God's sake???!!!! Good thing we've all forgotten about the Tsunami victims. Bad taste seems to be something that evaporates like morning dew in the Spring. Tra la la la la.


Hey! And cool it on the Frog stuff. My ex-wife is French.


I watched that same special this morning. They BOTH seem completely off their rockers. She's just extra pissed off because no one ever mentions her as the other half of the team.

As for the "installation", we were hoping for waves of shimmering tangerine.

Instead, we got Tang.


I AM frog. Have been "frog" in one form or another since 2'nd grade, 33 sum-odd years ago. I should have copyrighted it.


she kinda reminds of that woman who announced they cloned a baby

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